An independent startup, Clubmarket, has solved the problem of monetizing Clubhouse. They will be allowing brands to sponsor rooms in 3 different ways: 1) room branding, 2) shoutouts and 3) thought leadership. As an indie maker, you probably think about content creation and audience-building pretty frequently. Clubhouse is a platform ripe for smaller content creators to make their mark. The addition of monetization is a huge incentive for smaller creators to pursue growing a following on the platform. Alternatively, if you have a brand that aligns with already existing rooms and discussions, it could be the perfect time to get some ads in on the ground floor and probably for a very reasonable price. Learn more.

Zapier has made its first-ever acquisition: MakerPad, a no-code community founded by Ben Tossel. Crazier still, the initiation of the acquisition was largely driven by a single tweet. This trend of single tweets being catalysts for big changes is growing. Earlier this month, Tyler Tringas from Earnest Capital, tweeted out his intent to open his fund to individual investors and within 2 days he had $1.2M in commitments. Obviously you need the following or someone with a following to catapult your tweet in order for something massive to happen. But, these tweet serendipities are good reminders to shoot your shot on Twitter. Learn more.

Last week, Ghost, a blogging platform, launched new, feature-rich version 4.0 on Product Hunt. As new features, it boasts: a dashboard, native subscriptions, member management and built-in newsletters. Ghost is at its core an open-source blogging tool. However, it has evolved to become a popular hosted blogging platform and home to a lot of indie blogs. Now, Ghost has expanded its offering, and is going head to head with Substack and Wordpress membership plugins like Memberful. Learn more.

Released today, Google’s latest project, Stack, is a new app that will help you digitize your documents, receipts and other papers you have lying around the house, and then automatically save them to Google Drive. Learn more.

PayPal is now allowing customers to use the cryptocurrency holdings in their PayPal account to pay at millions of its online merchants globally. Learn more.

Unsplash is being acquired by Getty Images. Unsplash will continue to operate as a standalone brand and division of Getty Images. The entire Unsplash team will be staying and building Unsplash in the direction we have been. The main difference now is they have access to the resources and experience of Getty Images to help accelerate their plans to create the world’s most useful visual asset library. Learn more.

Youtube has announced the arrival of YouTube Shorts to the US. Shorts are vertical sub-60-second videos that resemble TikTok's videos. YouTube creators are flocking to the platform to share their success with Shorts. Because Shorts are a brand new feature, and few creators are using it, YouTube is promoting these snippets heavily allowing emerging creators to potentially grow quickly if they decide to ride the wave. If you've been thinking about starting a YoutTube channel, now is a good time to jump onto the platform and use Shorts to help boost your channel to recognition. Learn more.

Slack has rolled out a new feature which allows you to DM anyone in any company. This feature is part of their new Connect effort which allows for easier cross-organization communication within the app. When released, the feature was quickly met with pushback for allowing users to customize an invitation message, which could open recipients up to abusive and unsolicited messages. Slack quickly addressed the issue and blocked users from customizing the invitation. Slack's CEO, Stewart Butterfield, has indicated that this is meant to allow for supervisors to keep better oversight of employees' communications with outside companies. Learn more.