• Xavior is shipping 6 products in 6 months with a focus on learning the marketing side of launching.
  • Adding constraints, like a time constraint, to your building process increases creativity and productivity and helps you ship faster.
  • Xavier has shipped 4 products so far: SpreadtheWorld.net, IdeaHunt, RemoteFR and UserBooster and his revenue is at about $2K/month.
  • As a software developer, Xavier was used to putting all his energy into one large product. After his last big product failed, he decided to follow Daniel Vassallo's small bets advice and ship and iterate on products faster.
  • Xavier splits his 4-week time limit into two parts: 2 weeks to build the product and 2 weeks to market it. He uses no-code to build fast.
  • "There is no correlation between the time you spend building something and how successful it will be."
  • Products and people Xavier is excited about:

Kenneth Cassel's slip.so

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