Gabriel is a maker based in Puerto Rico. He's been riding the podcast wave and building Caproni.fm since the beginning of the pandemic. He is in the process of acquiring his first customers and he tells us how he's been thinking about growing Caproni.

  • When Gabriel tried to expand his first SaaS and was unable to, Gabriel started building Caproni.fm, a podcasting publishing platform.
  • When it comes to balancing marketing vs building, he prioritizes his customers inquiries first, and everything comes later.
  • He has found success in local ads.
  • Being at the right place at the right time has played a huge role in his success. His Georgia Tech contract sustains him enough to be able to work on Caproni. Luck is a big part of the entrepreneurial success equation.
  • The human component to building products is more important than writing the code. "Not many people can write code and be a good salesman and be a good marketer." If he could have a redo, he would have spent a lot more time developing the marketing skills and building a reputation online, rather than the technical skills.
  • Continue to refine your skills in one stack so that each time you build something you can move faster. The stack itself doesn't matter, the product is what matters at the end of the day.
  • He's excited about:
  • Makerlog by Sergio Mattei
  • Testimonial.to by Damon Chen
  • Space Hey
  • Flurly by JR

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