• Chris runs Aloa, a software outsourcing firm, by day and indie hacks Mogul Networking by night.
  • Chris turned a complicated spreadsheet into an app. Turns out spreadsheets are great candidates for becoming simplified applications.
  • Chris sat on his iOS app for 4 years before checking its stats. He was surprised to find that he had over 2K downloads when he checked on it 8 months ago.
  • Since Chris decided to turn on the monetization switch, he has gained his first 30 paying customers which gave him the push to take the side project more seriously.
  • Applying the lessons you learn from your day job to your side project and vice versa is an exciting part of the journey, especially for life-long learners.
  • If Chris could go back and have a redo he would have started earlier. Waiting too long to start or sitting on a project for too long leads to lost opportunities.
  • People/products Chris is excited about in the indie space:
  • Cookbook being built in public:
  • Maker Sprint community:
  • Churnkey: https://churnkey.co/
  • Get in touch with Chris via Twitter @Raroque

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