Hello friends. This week we touch on keeping costs low, Carrd's success story, Notion's new public API, a quantum paradox and a new curated resource guide, and much more. Enjoy!

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The Insight

In the beginning, when you're bootstrapping, keeping costs low is as important as charging for your product. It's easy to get caught up in using all the fancy tools, hiring freelancers and buying new equipment. But when you're spending your own money, you'll get much further if you don't burn through cash too quickly. Take inventory of everything you're paying for and ask yourself if it's something that moves the needle on your business.

The Indie Web

The News

  • Notion’s API is open in public beta starting today - "Notion teams and devs are thrilled this Thursday: Today's the day the Notion API moves from private to public beta" - Product Hunt
  • Looks Like Twitter May Be Working on a Subscription Service Called Twitter Blue for $2.99 per Month - "...the subscription service Twitter Blue will cost $2.99 per month and allow users to undo their tweets and create bookmark collections..." - Gizmodo
  • Clubhouse to launch Android app worldwide in a week - "Voice social network Clubhouse said on Sunday it will expand its Android app worldwide in a week..." - TechCrunch
  • Artificial intelligence taking over DevOps functions, survey confirms - "The pace of software releases has only accelerated, and DevOps is the reason things have sped up. Now, artificial intelligence and machine learning are also starting to play a role in this acceleration of code releases." - ZDNet

Bonus Reading:

  • This quantum paradox will make you question reality - "At the risk of sounding hyperbolic: this might be the most exciting quantum physics theory since Schrodinger’s Cat." - TNW

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