Hello friends. This week we touch on getting ahead by learning marketing, a different take on the 80/20 rule, Twitter's new tip jar, successful product launches from inside our community and much more. Enjoy!

The Insight

Most makers start out as developers (we're looking at you too, no-coder!). We love building things, getting into the nitty gritty of the technicalities and shipping features. But, fewer excel at both the technical side and the marketing/sales side of running a business. To have a successful project, you'll need equal parts tech and marketing savvy. Develop your marketing/sales skills early on and you'll be ahead of most people who try to launch side projects; it's never too early to start marketing. Gabriel Perez said it best: "Not many people can write code and be a good salesman and be a good marketer." Inspired from my conversation with Gabriel Perez on the IndieStack podcast.

The Indie Web

The News

  • Twitter Tip Jar lets you pay people for good tweetin’ - "Currently being available on both iOS and Android, the feature is designed to give users a way to quickly tip creators a with a few taps. Tip Jar is beginning to roll out this to select groups of users, including nonprofits, journalists, experts and creators." - TechCrunch
  • Here’s Exactly What You Need to Know About Apple’s App Tracking Transparency - "...Apple makes clear exactly what happens when you don’t give permission to track your activity: “The app is prevented from accessing your device’s Advertising Identifier.” It also adds that “App developers are responsible for ensuring they comply with your choices.” - OneZero
  • DigitalOcean says customer billing data accessed in data breach - "The email said customer billing names and addresses were accessed, as well as the last four digits of the payment card, its expiry date, and the name of the card-issuing bank." - TechCrunch
  • Google will soon switch on two-factor authentication by default - "Google is about to take a pretty significant step that will help keep user accounts more secure: it’s going to enroll people in two-factor authentication by default." - The Verge

Bonus Reading:

  • ‘Disaster Girl’ has sold her popular meme as an NFT for $500,000 - "Another internet meme has sold for big bucks online: Zoë Roth, best known as “Disaster Girl” for the popular image macro taken by her father in 2005 of her smirking at the camera while a house burns down in the background, has sold the original copy of the meme as an NFT for 180 Ether, worth almost $500,000." - The Verge

The Alternatives

The Community

🚀 This week, we had two successful launches from our community members:

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